UK sea freight terminal to New Zealand

To make a reservation to use our services please download and fill in the shipping form/packing list, We also require a copy of your passport photo id page. Scan and Email or fax the forms and passport photo copy back to us at +64 9 256 9597.  Requires reservations before drop off terminal location information provided. Shipping Labels. New Zealand Customs Form

Prices are plus $30 GBP per shipment UK export document fees. Arrival port fees paid in New Zealand estimated $55 NZD for flat port arrival charge and $72.50 NZD a cubic meter for terminal handling charge. Weekly shipping from Southampton terminal. Usual transit once vessel has left UK port is 6-7 weeks days. Recovery time usually 3-5 days after container has arrived container unpacking depot in NZ. We offer customs clearance for $100 NZD and delivery to all over New Zealand to business and residences.

Price based on a minimum of 1 cubic meter. From 1 cubic meter an up in measurement charges will increase in .10 of a cubic meter and rounded up to the next tenth (1.46 of a cubic meter would be charged at 1.50 cubic meters)

Prices do not include: Arrival Ministry of Primary Industries fees, customs charges, customs fees, duties, quarantine or security inspection, fumigation, taxes, storage, delivery or port handling charges release fee. Air & Marine cargo insurance available. Customs Broker and delivery service available upon request. GST of 15% NZD (as of 1 October 2010) if applied by NZ Customs. All imports subject to CIT Customs Import Transaction Fee NZ$49.50 additional on all imports.

Rates subject to currency exchange rates change. All shipments subject to volumetric chargeable weight.

Palletising/wrapping GBP27.50 per pallet for treated or plastic pallets. Palletizing your shipment may add an additional .24 of a cubic meter measurement by the shipping line just for the size of the pallet. We do not offer a packing service as such; the rate for palletising covers properly packed pieces only, i.e. cartons, boxes, suitcases, etc.

Final measurement for pricing your shipment is determined by shipping line acceptance final weight and measurement by their export personnel.

Arrival port fees paid in New Zealand estimated $50 NZD for flat port arrival charge and $50 NZD a cubic meter for terminal handling charge.

14A Rennie Drive Airport Oaks Auckland
New Zealand Depot hours; MO–FR 8:30am- 5:00pm.

Postal Address PO Box 17057 Airport Oaks Mangere East, New Zealand

NZ 0800 692 244

Intl 0064 9 256 9598

Excess Baggage Shipping and Moving Services

UK to Auckland NZ terminal minimum one cubic meter

$145  USD Southampton terminal

$130  USD Tilbury terminal

Use our handy volumetric calculator to determine your volumetric charges.